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Master Class - Balloons 101

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This course is perfect for those new to the world of balloon decorating or those looking to brush up on the basics. You will learn the essential tools and materials needed to create professional looking balloon garlands as well as basic techniques for creating a variety of designs. This Course Includes: - Step-by-step video instructions on how to do everything from blowing up your balloons properly to constructing a full balloon garland. - Downloadable materials, such as tool list, recommended suppliers, and challenges, that you can use to get started and continue learning. - Guides that provide helpful tips and advice on a variety of topics. - Resources that you can use to find more information on specific topics. - 4 bonus guides that cover topics such as: Balloon Starter Guide - How to earn side income and build a successful balloon side hustle Social Media Content Planning for Event Decor Businesses Showstopper Business Report Card - assess your business strengths and have a clear understanding of where you need focus Balloon Sizing Guide - What does a 6 Foot or 16 Foot Balloon Garland Look like for you and your clients This course is for you if... - You are new to event decor and working with balloons - You have some experience working with balloons, but lack solid foundational skills and confidence - You've done balloons for your friends in the past but would like to spring board this into a side hustle and have your garlands look more professional

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