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10 DIY Christmas Backdrop Ideas for Family & Friends

Creating a DIY Christmas photo backdrop can be a fun and festive way to add a personalized touch to your holiday photos. Here are some easy and creative ideas:

1. Fairy Light Wall

Hang strands of fairy lights against a plain wall to create a sparkling backdrop. You can add ornaments or small decorations to the lights for extra charm.

fair lights strung across an open area
Fairy lights can be hung across an area or against a way

2. Paper Snowflake

Cut out various sizes of snowflakes from white paper and attach them to a backdrop using string or tape. This creates a delicate and wintery atmosphere.

paper snowflakes on a string
Paper snowflakes are a fun craft to do with the whole family

3, Wrapping Paper Backdrop

Cover a wall with festive wrapping paper and a big bow! This provides a colorful and textured backdrop for your photos.

a wall covered with festive holiday wrapping paper and a bow
The Wrapping Paper Backdrop is easy to do on any size wall on any space. This was at a friend's last Holiday season.

4. Hanging Ornaments

Hang ornaments a different lengths using curling ribbon along a wall or event from the ceiling or a light fixture. The more the better! This creates a classic and traditional holiday backdrop.

a group of friends in front of backdrop with lots of hanging ornaments attached
The hanging ornaments backdrop is always a crowd pleasure.

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5. Giant Christmas Baubles

Craft oversize ornaments from paper, cardboard or foam. Hang them against the wall to create a whimsical and eye catching backdrop

a woman, a man and a dog pose in front of backdrop.
Large ornaments, and wrapped presents made this perfect holiday card photo backdrop. Don't worry this was an outake.

6. Streamer Wall

Use chicken wire and table clothes to create this easy DIY backdrop that can fit any space.

a group of friends at a christmas party stand in front of a streamer wall
This streamer wall was 16 feet long and 9 feet high.

7. Santa's Workshop

Set up a small workshop scene with a workbench, toy tools, and wrapped presents. This playful backdrop is perfect for family photos.

8. Giant Candy Canes

Craft oversized candy canes from pool noodles or cardboard. Arrange them against a backdrop for a sweet and whimsical touch.

9. Snowy Forest Scene

Use a white sheet or large piece of white paper as a backdrop. Add cut-out tree shapes and snowflakes for a winter wonderland effect

10. Ginger Bread House Wall

Create a gingerbread house facade using cardboard or foam board. Add candy and icing details for a delightful and inviting backdrop

Remember to consider the lighting in your chosen location to ensure your backdrop looks its best in photos. With a little creativity and some basic crafting supplies, you can create a charming and memorable DIY Christmas photo backdrop.

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